Purple Heart Triple-Amputee Veteran Brian Kolfage Undergoes ‘Invasive TSA Pat Down’ At Tucson International Airport


The Florida triple-amputee veteran who garnered more than $20 million online to help build a wall along the southern US border was filmed being thoroughly searched by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents in Tuscon, Arizona, the Daily Mail reports.

A concerned fellow traveler filmed Purple Heart recipient Brian Kolfage, 37, being subjected to an ‘invasive TSA pat down’ on Shabbos morning at Tuscon International Airport, following a ‘We Build The Wall’ rally in Sahuarita, which took place on Friday.

‘They groped and searched under his hips and buttocks, his groin and his half arm searching for what?’ YouTube user ‘james hoft’ wrote in the caption with the video.

‘Brian is an Afghanistan War veteran. They also swabbed his prosthetic legs and wheelchair for explosives.’

The video shows the TSA agent first explaining to Kolfage the areas where he will be searched, and Kolfage then nodding, apparently to show his understanding. The agent asks Kolfage to remove his hat, and swabs the inside of it, along the portion that rests against the front of his forehead. From there, he asks Kolfage to extend his arms and proceeds to pat down his left arm, the collar area around the back of his neck, and then his right arm.


The Daily Mail


  1. if you read your article, one gets really upset. But after watching the video, he was doing his job. he was very polite and nice. These TSA employees are afraid of losing their jobs if they don’t do their jobs properly. i think tone of your article is extremely unfair to the employee that did his job properly. Plus, do you really think this employee was the one that had the site to collect for the wall?

  2. Meir, would you feel the same way if it were done to your Rav, your rosh yeshiva or your father? There are certain exceptions to the rule. This is over and beyond. There’s a reason it’s done by people and not machines. Brains!!!

  3. The terrorists have won. OUR government must degrade us and take away our dignity at every turn. The terrorists are laughing.

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