Purim Story Wrap Up


purim-in-bnei-brak By S. Friedman

In the past, Purim poems with funny news we wrote,
This year, however, the headlines had no humor of note
Everything was serious, or the laughs were too subtle
Other than the meshugena who jumped out of a shuttle!
So let’s recap the story of the day, one of the greatest ever told
It can inspire everyone, both young & old
Once upon a time, for exact date look in the Megila
It all started when Vashti became ugly as a gorilla
A new queen Achashveirosh needed to place instead
Since his advisers told him to take off Vashti’s head
As a result, Haman (boo!) rose up in power
But because Mordechai did not bow, he still felt kinda sour
At the same time, all the girls came to Shushan to be chosen
But only when Achashveirosh looked at Esther did his gaze become frozen
A Jewish girl as Queen- who would ever have thought?!
But we all know, this appointment was not just for naught
A kingly assassination plot Mordechai stopped in it’s tracks
Bigsan & Seresh then met the wrong end of an ax
With spousal advice Haman began his evil scheming
Hanging Mordechai and killing Jews is what he was dreaming
He pitched his plan to Achashveirosh and got his royal ring to boot
Getting rid of Mordechai and the Jews would be a real hoot!
He cast a lot and fell out during the month of Adar
Surely the Jews would end up as cannon fodder!
Then that night Achashveirosh couldn’t sleep a wink
Nothing could calm him, not even a warm drink
So they read from the book where good deeds were recorded
To see whom he had missed and needed to be rewarded
On a great horse Mordechai was led around the city
And Haman had to declare his greatness- oh what a pity!
The end of this game came when Esther made a party, VIP invite
She told Achashveirosh of her nation’s fearful plight
“Who is this man?” he inquired with conviction
“Haman (boo!), made killing Jews his life’s mission”
Achashveirosh began fuming, his face turned beet red
It didn’t help matters that Haman fell on Esther’s bed
Haman was now done, his name forever is stamped out
Whenever we read it, “boo” the whole shul gives a shout
Shaloch monos, a seuda, and vast amounts of wine
To commemorate this story, which can only be described as divine
Matzav.com, for Kosher news it’s the only way
Make sure you and your family enjoy this special day

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