Purim Came Early: Pennsylvania Police Department Hiring Three People To Get Drunk


Kutztown’s police department is looking for three volunteers to help train officers in administering sobriety tests.

Qualified people must be available between 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on April 4.

Volunteers must:

Be between ages 25 and 40
Be in good health
Have no history of drug or alcohol abuse.
Clean criminal history
Be willing to get drunk off of hard liquor
Have a designated person available to get you home and take care of you after the training
Sign a liability waiver
Alcohol will be provided.

Those interested can contact Kutztown police.

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  1. And what difference woul it make if the person has a drinking problem. Those with a driking problem are going to drink regardless,at least let them make some money off their stupidity-why introduce the idea of getting drunk to someone who has never had a problem? Why play with fire. Throwing a match into an alreafy lit fire isnt going to start a fire, or even increase is size. Throwing a lit fire where there is no fire will cause a fire.

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