Pub in Yerushalayim Opens Illegally On Shabbos


Yechiel Levi, director of the Kiryat Yovel neighborhood’s Yovelim community center which is consistently mechallel Shabbos, opened his nearby Monster-Pub non-profit as usual on Shabbos despite warnings that the place has no current business license and would be closed down if it operated that night.

Shortly before Shabbos, city councilmen had asked a court to close the place down, but the presiding justice refused to cooperate, arguing that she first wanted to hear both sides of the issue. Following the chillul Shabbos, chareidi councilmen instructed the city’s deputy legal advisor, Chaim Nargasi, to quickly close the place down, but it is just as likely that the pub will get the required business permit in time to avoid closure.

Over Shabbos, city councilman Yochanan Weitzman discovered that a new pub opened on Gaza Street and was illegally placing tables and chairs outside. He also found that a new quick food stall opened in the Station Compound despite promises of the compound’s director that all stalls were to be closed on Shabbos.

{ Israel News}


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