Psychologists Discover Deluded People And Fundamentalists More Likely To Believe Fake News


Scientists have found an overlap between people who believe in fake news and religious fundamentalists, dogmatic people and those who harbor deluded ideas.

The new study suggested people who do not employ their open-minded thinking and analytic thinking faculties are more likely to believe false stories. In turn, this could explain why dogmatic people, religious fundamentalists, and those who hold delusion-like ideas (including conspiracy theories and paranormal phenomena according to the authors) are more vulnerable to believing fake news.

Psychologists hope their findings can be used to battle the spread of false information online.

Read more at NEWSWEEK.



  1. These psychologists are creating fake studies!
    While it could be partially true, they are taking parts and saying it makes all true.
    Conspiracy theories are people who don’t believe the fake news anymore so they are trying to grasp for the truth . Sometimes the theories they are grasping at are totally ridiculous and make no sense ,but sometimes there is information on the general media that is changed to suit specific people and they are si ply searching for the truth.
    Let’s even take for example American history. When we read an American history book -the American Revolution what we find in history books is not the same as England and France’s history books. There are discreptencies and inaccuracies that make the basis of conspiracy theories.

  2. AS A CERTIFIED FUNDAMENTALIST I DISCOVERED THAT THOSE SCIENTISTS AND Psychologists ARE Deluded People and More Likely To Believe Fake News themselves. With EVERY GRADUATING CLASS THE PUBLIC GETS more deluded scientists and psychologists deluding the very public they are informing as being deluded.

  3. Yes, we’ve proven it on plenty of times how deluded people who are anything but open-minded and lack analytic thinking are more likely to believe fake news, i.e. The Washington Post, CNN, NY Times, MSNBC and most mainstream fake news and doctors…

  4. And so which is then – the original psychiatric definition of “gender dysphoria” (that is when biological males and females “feel” like they are the other) which classified it as a mental disorder, or the new politically correct definition that relegates as not a mental disorder? Seems one has to consider the entire Democratic machinery as falling to – and even creating – a completely fake vision of the world (including a fake vision of male and female and a fake vision of history).


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