Psych Evaluation Finds Levi Aron Has “Disorder”


levi-aron3A psychiatric evaluation finds that the man charged with murdering and dismembering Leiby Kletzky has a personality disorder. It also reveals that his sister died while institutionalized for schizophrenia.

The court-ordered evaluation was viewed exclusively by The Associated Press today. It portrays Levi Aron as a troubled, confused man with a “flat” and “apathetic” mood.

Aron is being held without bail. He was found fit to stand trial last week and has pleaded not guilty.

Leiby got lost on his walk home from a Brooklyn day camp on July 11. Prosecutors say he was killed after meeting Aron on the street and asking for help.

According to court papers, the defendant says he heard voices telling him to kill himself afterward.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Levi Aron is a calculating, cold blooded killer.

    His murder of Leiby Kletzky was not only an atrocity, but I believe it was Aron’s way at ‘getting back’ and rebelling against the orthodoxy he tried so desperately to fit into and conform. He was a maladjusted misanthrope, whose rage, shortcomings and failures he saw reflected in the innocence and purity of Leiby a’h. But what really must of irked him, was that for all the so called failings and problems of mainstream orthodoxy society, it was orthodox Jews whose compassion and unity was epitomized by the tireless search for Leiby, thereby really reflecting Aron’s misanthropy, and monstrosity.

    Nachamu, Nachamu Ami…

  2. It’s important to know that this does not come as a surprise and was known to the prosecutors the whole time. They may have not known exactly what he suffered from, but by the list of his meds it was pretty obvious that he had “issues”. Still, this doesnt really call for an insanity defense as an insanity defense will only win if it can be proved that the murderer didn’t know what he was doing or/and didn’t know the ramifications of his actions. There is almost no precedent of an insanity defense in such a case, and that’s because such a defense dearly works!

  3. what an insight!>! he has a disorder!! did any1 think for a moment that he was playing with a full deck of cards? he very obviously has some loose or missing screws!

  4. Sure he’s a killer but is that a heter for us to speak loshon hora? What happened is a tragedy but it just obligates us more to do what is required of us.

  5. If he was so crazy, how did he have a drivers license? He knew how to drive a car without crashing or gettiing any violations. Knew how to park his car. Knew how to drive to Monsey & back. I know people who have “issues”. They don’t drive or own cars. They don’t pay bills on their own, move from state to state on their own, hold down a steady job, etc…

  6. All of us who take medication (long term/short term) or who are off of anti depressant pills are exuse to do anthing. We will get away with anything. After all we were diagnosed with some disorder, Anxiety, Deprecion,ADD,ADHD,Mixed personality,.

  7. From Emes L’Yaakov on Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chaim Simman 116:1) note 145

    Question: Should one daven in Refaenu for a person who is in prison for the crime of murder, since Lich’orah he is sick?

    Answer: Certainly not, because he is not sick rather he is a criminal.

    And we must fight against this attitude that all sins of a person are because of sickness, rather it all stems from a lack of Yir’as Shamayim, and the proof is that in front of people he would not do what he did, he just has no fear of the Ribbono Shel Olam.


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