Psak from Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein On Using Fidget Spinners During Davening



  1. They didnt print the recommendations that rav zilberstein gave to the one that asked the shaila – ad that was that he should seek out a highly recommended sychologist

  2. Seriously?!
    Is this what our Rabbanim have been reduced to?!
    Why are these idiots wasting their time with these stupid shailas?!
    What a bizayon!

  3. The question was regarding whether one who uses a spinner to help his concentration can do so while davening Shmone Esrei.

    The Rav’s answer, for those who can’t read or translate it:.

    “Even a person who cannot concentrate would not have the audacity to play with [a spinner] in front of the President of the United States, therefore it is definitely prohibited to do so before the King of Kings.”

  4. The response is standard mentchlichkeit. I have a hard time believing this was printed in his safer unless it just came out in the past week or two. I mean these spinners are all but a very short while into the hot craze, and anyone needing advice on usage during davening to Hashem needs some further investigation into the wellbeing of his mind.


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