PSA: LTSA Head Tackles The Lakewood Busing Problems


I wanted to inform all of the schools that I spent the last two days trailing two primary routes (2:45 pm & 3:00 pm) to see what the difficulties our vendors are dealing with in connecting to the 4:00 pm routes.

In both cases, Bnos esther Malka and Bnos Devorah, the students were let out on time and the bus left on time.

We were delayed at the following intersections;

Turning left from Chestnut to New Hampshire for 8 minutes,

Pine and MLK for 25 minutes,

Turning left from New Hampshire to Ridge for 8 minutes,

Cedarbridge and Main St. for 7 minutes,

and the list goes on and on.

I was joined by Menashe Miller on my travels. I very much appreciate that he joined, as it was a very educational and informative experience. We are discussing ways of possibly placing Lakewood police offices at key intersections as well as elongating some traffic lights at those key intersections.

This issue will not resolve itself. This is a fact on the ground that we all have to deal with. It’s very possible that a primary run cannot tier with a 4:00 pm dismissal and then we would need a 25% increase in the amount of busses servicing Lakewood.

There are a few possible options I’m thinking about;

Maybe we need to change the 4:00 pm and 4:45 pm dismissals to 4:15 pm and 5:00 pm to reflect the reality of the roads.

Alternatively, make the primary dismissals 15 minutes earlier.

I also wanted all to know that the vendors have split many routes on their own dime to make this work and at this point they don’t have any more busses available to split other routes with.

I am sharing with you what I have seen over the last few days and I invite any feedback or ideas.

Avraham Krawiec, head of the LTSA



  1. Thanks for your concern and efforts.However the kids are out of the house in school and on the bus for way too many hours a day. Do not legthen the school day. Some kids are 9-10 yr olds that are already getting dismissed at 4:45 and getting home close to 6PM. Let them keep building and we will need a bus for each neighborhod. The fact is that with the traffic in this town you can’t rely on tiering the routes so closely. My kids busses are picking them up 30 minutes late from school every single day. Its just not fair to them.

  2. I don’t think that the problem is the ever growing building. The problem is that everyone thinks that they are more important then the next person. There is a lack of common courtesy in this town. Everyone is guilty of it not only the developers, city council or the Vaad.
    If you listen to the radio or read news outlets they are complaining about the way we drive, fraud, corruption etc. The surrounding towns are scared to let the Jews in, so they make these new ordinances to make it more difficult for us to be part of their neighborhoods. If we would all act nicer to each other and show them the true way an ehrlich yid is suppose to act then they would be so happy and willing to have us live in their towns.
    Yiddishkeit is all about helping on another, family values and being a model citizen.
    Why not let them see it?

  3. Perhaps it’s time to dismiss primary at the same time as the older grades. This will also help a lot of us working mothers save money and aggravation. If all our children came home on the same bus a lot of problems would be solved.


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