Photos: Protests Over Arrest of Bochur Who Refused to Report to IDF Recruitment Office


protest[Photos below.] Hundreds attended various demonstrations today across Eretz Yisroel to protest the arrest of a yeshiva bochur who refused to go to an IDF enlistment offices when summed to do so, in accordance with the guidance of Rav Shmuel Auerbach.

The protests took place in Bnei Brak, Modiin Illit, Beit Shemesh and Ashdod, among other locations.

The bochur, Eliyahu Cohen, a talmid of Yeshiva Orchos Dovid in Yerushalayim, was originally arrested in March for failing to report. Eliyahu is said to currently be in the IDF Prison Six facility near Chaifa and has allegedly started a hunger strike.

Eliyahu received an enlistment order last month. He refused to enlist and was imprisoned for 20 days. He was then released and asked again to report. Again he gain refused and was arrested again.

See below for photos of the protests:

{ Israel News Bureau/Photos: Bechadrei}


  1. With everything that is going on, these violent protests are simply badly timed. Israel is mourning more than 60 young men, the age of these boys, who risked their lives to try to remove the tunnels and missiles that threatened all the people in Israel.
    That they chose to demonstrate violently, now, even as lives have been shattered, is very insensitive. As Jews who speak in the name of Torah, we must remember that we are the spokepeople for Torah. Therefore, everything we say must be bdarkei noam, uvedarkei shalom. Talmidei chachamim are supposed to be marbim shalom, not ch’v the opposite.

    A little discretion for those who hold the banner of Torah aloft is in order. How many G-d loving, Torah loving, but ignorant Jews will be turned away from Torah and mitzvos because of this violence. We have a big responsibility to the connection to Torah and Yiddishkeit that our brothers/sisters who are not yet frum, must have.
    I find these photos to be so depressing. Just last week, we were all One nation under Hashem, united, and this week, this….

  2. To bad timing: It is not Torah Jewry which is ripping the unity asunder but the Israeli government which will not stop in it’s efforts to destroy Torah learning in Eretz Yisroel. Perhaps consider this: Maybe just maybe this whole war is a punishment to the state for the attempted draft of yeshiva bochrim (67 voted to draft in knesset with 67 people killed….). When you properly digest that, then you will see these protests in a whole new light….

  3. To Mr. Bad timing:
    Right this very moment there is a student in jail. They are making a protest in order to try to get him out of jail. Maybe 1 or 2 individuals acted in an improper manner. Most of the protesters acted in a peaceful manner. I think that it is bad timing on the part of the police. Now is not the time to put him in jail.

  4. #1#3 & #5

    What do you recommend?

    What about public intermarriage a couple nights ago in Rishon L’tziyon? Was the demonstration there also wrong?


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