Prosecutors: Cohen Raid Is Red Flag For Trump


Former U.S. attorneys say the FBI’s raid on Michael Cohen’s office is a red flag for President Trump and suggests that Robert Mueller has compiled significant evidence of criminal activity by the president’s longtime personal lawyer.

These legal experts say the raid was significant because of high-profile nature of the case and the likely scope of the search warrant that authorized it.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Or Mueller and the Swamp have nothing on Trump and are just trying to assert that the the unelected bureaucrats are in charge, regardless of the election.

  2. But on the Clinton Foundation they are silent and no investigation will be conducted. Talk about protected Democrat elitists.

  3. Corrupt FBI sees nothing wrong with Hillarey secret emails ending up on wieners computers. Nothing wrong with massive donations by Arab dictators to the Clinton foundation. Need to purge the FBI leadership as well as all federal judges.


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