Prosecutors Appeal House Arrest of Meah Shearim Mother


chaimkeh-smallProsecutors appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court today after the Yerushalayim District Court and District Court Justice Refael Yaakobi rejected the prosecution’s demand to order Mrs. Yenty Markowitz, the mother unfairly accused of starving her three-year-old son Chaimkeh, to serve the remainder of her house arrest away from her Meah Shearim home.

In their appeal, prosecutors said a preliminary look at the evidence in the case indicates the danger that the mother poses to her children. They also said that monitoring of the condition of the children is compromised by her presence.

Chaimkeh is currently in the care of relatives, where he has been since he was discharged from the hospital, while his mother is allowed to stay with her other children.

Prosecutor Ma’ayan Rimon has maintained that only if Mrs. Markowitz were under arrest outside Meah Shearim could the affair be dealt with like any other criminal case.

{Yair Israel}


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