Prosecutor: Terrorists Invoked Syria


francois molinsParis Prosecutor Francois Molins said today that three teams of terrorists attacked sites across the French capital, killing 129 people and wounding more than 350 others.

One terrorist was identified as a 30-year-old French national who was identified as a radical Muslim by police several years ago, but did not serve time in jail, nor was he known to be part of any terrorist network.

The attack began at the Stade de France when a suicide bomber killed himself and another person. That was followed by a gunman using an AK-47 who attacked a Cambodian restaurant from a car, killing 15 and leaving 10 mortally wounded. A second suicide bomber deonated near the Stade de France, and a third at a McDonalds nearby, injuring one.

Five were killed in another shooting near a bar, Molins said, adding that 100 rounds were fired.

Terrorists entered the Bataclan during the middle of a concert and began shooting, mentioning Syria and Iraq as they killed. Three terrorists blew themselves up inside the Bataclan. Eighty-nine people died there, with many others injured.

Three people in Belgium have been arrested related to the investigation, Molins said. Read more at France 24.



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