Proposal To Split California Into Three States Will Be Blocked From Ballot


A measure proposing California be split into three separate states will be removed from the state’s November ballot after a Wednesday order by the state’s Supreme Court.

Proposition 9 – which would split the Golden State into California, Northern California and Southern California – was declared eligible for California’s ballot in June. Proponents of the split say that  splitting the state would lead to improvements in infrastructure and education while lowering taxes.

The proposition could, however, appear on a future ballot if the court ultimately rules in its favor.

Read more at USA Today.



  1. Why divide this immoral filthy state into 3?

    California is allowing undocumented illegal immigrants and non-citizens to vote.

  2. The real reason to split California into 3 sates was to add four more ultra liberal Senators to the US Congress, tipping the balance.

  3. Not all Californians think alike. This lead to the proposition to divide the state. This allows the societies to have independent tax laws, welfare laws, commerce laws, immigration laws. And so on

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