Professor: Murderer’s Confession “Makes No Sense”


levi-aron5Confessed butcher Levi Aron’s crime was so barbaric and his confession so bizarre that it has even left experts baffled. In the hours after cops found Leiby Kletzky’s body, Aron told investigators he was only trying to help the lost little boy find his way home.He claims he didn’t hurt the child for an entire day – until he panicked when he learned a massive search was underway.

“It’s highly illogical and makes no sense,” said Lawrence Koblinsky, a professor of forensic science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

“If you realize there’s a big search out there, okay you might be upset or frightened because you’ve got the kid, but you let the kid loose on the street.”

What makes the case especially perplexing, experts say, is that Aron, 35, does not have a violent criminal history.

Kobilinsky said he thinks the crime might “boil down to a psychotic episode.”

“If the guy is psychotic, that would explain a lot of things,” Kobilinsky added. “Then, there’s no logic to what they do.”

Aron’s lawyers have already laid groundwork for a possible insanity defense, telling a Brooklyn judge the suspect “hears voices and has had hallucinations.”

But Joseph Pollini, a retired NYPD homicide detective, believes an insanity claim would not succeed.

“For him to make such statements such as he panicked, that he was aware they were looking for him, that would take away his ability to claim insanity,” Pollini said.

“For someone to claim insanity, they would have needed not to know what was going on. They’d [have to] be in a different world.”

Pollini said he doubts Aron’s claim he brought Leiby to a wedding Monday night and that he was alive at lunchtime Tuesday.

“It doesn’t sound like a plausible scenario,” Pollini said, adding that Aron’s “ulterior motive still remains to be seen.”

Retired FBI profiler Clint Van Zandta said there are still too many uncertainties to decide if Aron is a liar or a lunatic.

“Right now, I’ve got as many questions as I do answers,” Van Zandt said. “Either his story is all a lie, or this is a massive break from reality that a psychologist is going to have to explain.”

{NY Daily News/ Newscenter}


  1. there must be more than meets the eye here and more than we are being told. this many is a psychopath with deep deep issues.

  2. Perhaps he is limited mentally – not specifically emotionally. He knew he was doing something very wrong but couldn’t figure out what else to do. That may be why the logic doesn’t make sense to anyone. (Because he doesn’t get gen. logic…)

    In any event – that might be why he didn’t run away either…

  3. now we know that the creep even recited tehillim for the boy’s rescue … probably scrambled an egg for his breakfast … says he made him a tuna fish sandwich for lunch… this guy defies all logic.
    The only logical part of the story is what he posted on facebook that the reason he likes Brooklyn more than Memphis is because Brooklyn has more children. Very revealing. A self described molester wanna be…

  4. Stop looking for the occult.

    The guy had head inury as a kid.

    Nobody cared to befriend him.

    He must and will pay for the cold blooded murder.

    He panicked. He feared a community lynch if he let the boy loose.

  5. a insane guy is a theif that brakes into your house and just starts taking out the garbage or better ironing you8r shirts LOL

  6. This story is getting stranger by the day, it has most people baffled, and juggling from at times considering him a lunitic, and then at times considering him sane. My gut feeling is that this guy is perfectly sane, yet is a very cold murderer and he’s intentionally pulling everyone through this. No normal psychotic first time killer could go to work and a wedding after or before his planned crime. And his psychotic episode if it just came and went, can’t have the guy then being so cold about it all and carrying life as normal! It takes a very vicious nature to carry on life as normal, take 2 showers, go to a wedding, go to work, relax! This is most likely a vicious beast!

  7. another idea. They should put Shomrim like AAA monitors on all corners like there are in other neighborhoods. maybe some heimishe woman that the children would trust. to make sure the children are not lost and that they cross the street safely.

  8. Maybe he took “bathsalts,” and this caused his off the wall behavior. It doesn’t show up in drug tests but causes psychotic behavior.

  9. I have to respectfully disagree with the Professor’s comments. For a defendant to claim criminal insanity, the defendant, among other things, must demonstrate that he did not know right from wrong. Most cases where a defendant succeeded on an insanity defense is when the defendant claimed that some higher being told him to do this. Usually a schizophrenic who hears voices.

    Here, the defendant claimed that he panicked. That would demonstrate that he did know right from wrong. While he may be psychotic, from a legal sense, based on the information that is currently public, he is not insane.

    Therefore, the Professor’s explanation of insanity, from a legal prospective, is incorrect.

  10. Let’s all daven for Leiby’s neshama, for his parents well being and for Moshiach’s speedy arrival instead of all this hypothenizing. My way we can accomplish something – this way we accomplish nothing!
    But then again, I’m just young & stupid!

  11. Wait for all the evidence the Police Investigation is not yet over. there are Computers and other evidence taken from the crime scene to be looked at and put the puzzle together..

  12. I think Usally its the people around the Mentally ill who say the person hears voices. The person who hears the voices usally is so out of it, that they think its real. You can’t argue with them. So I think the Lawayer is saying that the nut case is hearing voices.

  13. Anonymous, you don’t need to respectfully disagree with the Professor’s comments. You can simply disagree. He is only a professor. Is your name really Moshe from Israel?


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