Professor Comey? Ex-FBI Chief To Teach Ethics Course


Curriculum changes at the College of William & Mary usually are not national news, but a recent entry on the course selection was something of a surprise: The college will offer a new fall course on “ethical leadership.”

That in itself is unremarkable but the professor is one James Comey, former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Before Comey’s termination by President Trump, many had called for his removal due to his questionable judgment during the investigation of Hillary Clinton for the use of an unsecured personal email server to handle classified State Department information.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Will his ethical lectures be on how to exonerate Democrat government criminals?

    Will this college offer Hillary to give courses on how to unobtrusively suicide undesirables with typed unsigned good-bye notes to their families?

  2. Ha ha ha. This duffus is a sad joke. Comey has no shame. He helped bring down the once respected FBI thru his corruption. Now he wants to lecture others? Now we see the cause and effect of Obama’s dishonesty.

  3. This is practical and peaceful. A man after office in a professor’s role. The young may have a new eye to see and a mind to inquire. There is too much this man may offer a new generation.

    We can only hope one ourselves to be that rich. It would be fun.


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