Professional Career Services (PCS) Program Hosts Sales & Marketing Lecture by Yitzchok Saftlas


yitzchok-saftlasThe core mission of Agudath Israel’s Professional Career Services (PCS) division is to help people obtain successful, sustainable jobs. In fact, PCS New Jersey has been helping members of the Lakewood community find employment for fourteen years.

As part of its efforts to fulfill this important mission, PCS offers free business enrichment courses to help participants launch their careers, start their own businesses and increase their employment value.

On Wednesday, January 11th, Yitzchok Saftlas, President of Bottom Line Marketing Group gave a well received lecture to an audience of approximately 40 people, entitled, “Sell! Sell! Sell! Effective Sales and Marketing Techniques.”

Yitzchok Saftlas, founder and president of Bottom Line is a recognized expert in getting results through marketing and advertising, working with hundreds of non-profit, political and corporate clients, including NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Catapult Learning, Dirshu International and many others. Mr. Saftlas has lectured on marketing at the Torah Umesorah and AJOP conventions, as well as at the annual 2-day Fundraising Seminar. He is on the Governing Board of the Business Owner Resource Group, a prestigious resource for small business owners. His weekly column on marketing is featured in the national Yated Ne’eman newspaper.

According to Mrs. Raizy Pearl, Program Coordinator for PCS, “I’ve received excellent feedback from the students.  They found Mr. Saftlas’ class to be highly informative, constructive and very well given over.  We appreciate that he graciously gave his time to help educate others.”

The lecture was divided into three sections: Understanding the roles of sales and marketing (and how they go hand in hand together), explaining key marketing principles and 17 proven rules to be matzliach in sales.  Some of the specific topics covered, included ways to perfect your “Elevator Pitch”, the importance of doing your homework and being prepared, and many other real world techniques that attendees could put to use immediately.

Mr. Saftlas responded to the enthusiastic response to the lecture, noting, “Lecturing at PCS was an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience.  The students were engaged, intelligent and motivated.  It was a tremendous zechus to be a part of this amazing program.”

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  1. But still – to succeed in sales you need the appropriate personality. Not everyone can do it. And if you’re going to sell outside the frum community, you need to understand how non-frum/non-Jewish people think and feel. For someone who’s spent all their life in Beit Medrash, this may or may not be the most realistic career path.

  2. While it is commendable that Agudas Yisroel and Mr. Saftlas are helping the community in this endeavor, it is important to recognize that sales is one of the hardest areas to succeed in – that’s why salespeople are paid so much.

    Sales is not for everyone. It’s not even for most people. It’s demanding, takes a lot of time – especially getting started. You can work hard and make little or no money. As someone who has worked in a sales-oriented capacity, I can say it is not necessarily an “umnus kallah unekiyah.”

    The greatest advantage of being in sales is that it promotes yiras Shomayim, in that you see the Yad Hashem every day affecting your parnossah. The flip side, unfortunately, is the lure – due to the fantastic pressure put on salespeople – to hedge the truth in order to get the prospect to say “Yes.” This is a huge nisayon for anyone, even moreso for those with large tuition bills and mortgage payments hanging over their heads.

    The notion that people don’t need professional training because they can “open a business,” does not jibe with the harsh reality over what opening a business (of which sales is only one element) really entails.

  3. Well I fell out of the bias medrash, never thought to be in sales, and ended up in sales 9 years ago.

    Don’t ever promise. Always try your best. And it’s ll upto the one above if you get the deal. Be honest.


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