Pro-Israel Senator Is First GOPer To Opposes Anti-BDS Legislation


Prominent Republican Senator Rand Paul expressed his opposition Thursday to a legislation that would punish those who choose to support a campaign to boycott Israel in defense of Palestinian rights.

In an opinion piece for The American Conservative magazine, Paul criticized the Combating BDS Act, which has been brought up in the Senate.

“I am not in favor of boycotting Israel. Israel has been a good ally,” Rand wrote in the article.

“At the same time, I am concerned about what the role of Congress can and should be in this situation. I strongly oppose any legislation that attempts to ban boycotts or ban people who support boycotts from participating in our government or working for our government.

“America is distinguished by dissent and dissenters. It was founded amidst a boycott of English tea. Abolitionists boycotted slave goods. Rosa Parks led the boycott against segregated busing,” Paul added.

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  1. The right or not. Protest bans can be dog poor. Rand negates the worry. But the BDS aggrievance is harsh.

    It would be funny to consider our young non traditional youth must face something on campus. This world is more than not give. Our job must find Torah. The antisemitism I saw on my campus was not square rich. I learned how to be a jew.

  2. I wouldn’t quite call Rand Paul pro-Israel. tepid is more like it. he doesn’t promote the destruction of Israel or even boycotts, but he (and his father) would like to see our relationship significantly diminished

  3. U.S. Senator Rand Paul is a highly principled Libertarian/Republican. Dr Richard Roberts, the Frum Community Leader in Lakewood, NJ hosted a reception for Senator Paul at the GOP National Convention about 10 years ago. I first met the Senator at this event and have worked with him on various projects. He is a down to earth, straight-shooter who follows through on what he says. He is a real Mentsch. His father, Former Congressman Ron Paul is somewhat different from his son. He means/meant well but he attracted some bad elements and they created baggage for him that he cannot easily rid himself of them. His ideas are pure Libertarian.

  4. Head line is completely off Matzav. He may not be anti Israel but he isn’t exactly the most pro Israel senator to say the least. He supports stopping all aid to Israel. Despite Doctor Roberts taking him there and Chanfining him

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