Pro-Israel Lobby Criticizes GOP


bob-menendezThe American Israel Public Affairs Committee broke with the Senate Republicans today, as the GOP pushed to vote on Iran sanctions, which AIPAC disagreed with.

The bill’s author, Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez also criticized a letter from 42 Republican senators demanding an immediate vote.

“We agree with the Chairman that stopping the Iranian nuclear program should rest on bipartisan support,” AIPAC said in a statement, “and that there should not be a vote at this time on the measure.” Read more at The Hill.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Unfortunately, AIPAC is not a bipartisan supporter of Israel. It is a left wing, DemoRat supporter of……….AIPAC and sometimes Israel too.

    They don’t like it when most Republicans support Israel and the DemoRats don’t.

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