Pro-Israel Community Protests Premiere Of ‘Klinghoffer’ Opera At The Met


the-metropolitan-opera-in-new-york-cityAbout 400 people protested outside the Metropolitan Opera in New York City on Monday against the premiere of the “The Death of Klinghoffer,” an opera based on the 1985 murder of Jewish passenger Leon Klinghoffer aboard an Italian cruise ship that had been hijacked by terrorists from the Palestinian Liberation Front. The opera has been heavily criticized for glorifying Palestinian terrorism and giving a platform to anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Monday’s rally was organized by Jewish and Christian groups, including the Zionist Organization of America, One Israel Fund, One Family Fund, Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Catholic League. The protesters shouted “shame on the Met.”

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, former New York State governor George Pataki, and two members of Congress also participated in the protest.

“If you listen, you will see that the emotional context of the opera truly romanticizes the terrorists,” said Giuliani, the Associated Press reported.

The premier performance of the opera took place as scheduled Monday night, eliciting a few boos. One person from the audience shouted that “the murder of Klinghoffer will never be forgotten!” But the performance ended with a standing ovation.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Maybe these lovers of freedom of speech will enjoy a show on Broadway of Amos and Andy or a musical glorifying the death of Eric Garner?

  2. The opera’s title [“…Death of…”] is so revealing.

    A more honest title would be “The Horrific, Brutal and Terroristic MURDER of an Innocent Jewish Invalid.”


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