Printing Food: Israeli Start Up Could Revolutionize the Way We Eat


israeli-printed-foodIsraeli company White Innovation is currently developing an entirely new and remarkably fast way to prepare food from the comfort of your kitchen, Israel’s Channel 10 reported this past weekend.

Its product, known as “Ginny”, is essentially a souped-up printer that is small enough to fit on any counter. To create a meal one places a capsule of raw ingredients into one side of the machine. Then, olive oil, milk or water is injected. It then marinates for about thirty seconds and voila: a delectable feast awaits.

The developers behind Ginny claim that printed food has, “tremendous potential as a way to eat cheaper and healthier.” In theory, products like Ginny could revolutionize the food market, Channel 10 said. However, the vast potential is currently only on paper as Ginny is still undergoing a final series of tweaks before making a public debut.

Recently, the device was put to the ultimate test when acclaimed Israeli chef Israel Aharoni was invited to sample the printed food. While Aharoni came away impressed, he does not think Ginny will replace homemade cooking anytime soon. Rather, he sees it as a valuable addition to culinary innovation.

Having nibbled on some of the food, the veteran cuisinier noted that all the foodstuffs he tasted, “Were not completely accurate [representations of the original] and had a uniform texture. However, each item had its own distinct flavor. I believe that [Ginny] is the beginning of a very interesting process and I’m curious to know where it will lead.”

Watch a report (Hebrew) on printed food below:


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  1. Core Values of the Humanitarian Presence in the Flickering Light of Lost Mood. I could think it might be a revolutionary thing from a science and enjoyment of better adaptation reasoning, but to think this is the future is like asking for your bagels to be brought to you on a chair of bad return. Could you think that we have a problem that needs to be solved from our functioning kitchen at this point. Oh but the stuff we will make. Very funny.


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