Prince William Visits the Kosel and Har Habayis


Prince William visited the Kosel and the Har Habayis in Yerushalayim today on the final day of his three-day trip to Israel.

William was welcome by Kosel Rov and rov of mekomos hakedoshim Rav Shmuel Rabinovitch. After praying at the Kosel while wearing a yarmulka, he signed the Kosel guestbook, writing, “May the G-d of peace bless this region and all the world with peace.”

{ Israel / Photos: JBN News}


  1. Did someone photoshop the attached picture and change the kippa to black? The article states he wore a white one!

  2. What a terrible actor. He prays? Which religion doesn’t agree that משכב זכר is a capital sin? It is openly written in the Bible. Yesterday and tomorrow he calls sins a virtue and today he puts on a suit a kippa and poses for the camera. What is God of peace? There is one God. When רשעים appear to do good, מצוה לדן לכף חובה


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