Prime Grill on 49th Street Closing


the-prime-grillAfter 13 years of business in the same location, The Prime Grill at 60 east 49th street will be closing its doors on Jan 18th. The Prime Grill was opened in 2000 by owner Joey Allaham and is the first restaurant of the Prime Hospitality Group.

A longtime restaurant employee, who declined to go into details, told that “The lease is over and the building owners do not want to renew the lease. They have a liability concern with the many customers visiting the restaurant.”

The restaurant will reopen within six months at 25 West 56th St, formerly home to the old Beacon Restaurant & Bar.

According to an email sent out by the restaurant on, December, 31st:

“The new venue will continue to feature the classic Prime Grill favorites that you have always loved. However, we will be using this opportunity to introduce a new generation of kosher cuisine including expanded menu options, a true wood brick oven (a rarity) and more private dining capabilities. The new facility will feature bi-level seating for over 360 diners as well as more private dinner and event potential. It will also feature a special wine themed private room with a premier collection of rare kosher wines. It was time for me to make a move, and the new Prime Grill will be bigger and better than ever”

“During the brief time that I am reinventing myself, from January 19th on, Solo, Prime KO and Prime at the Bentley (which will have a much larger kitchen and a private dining room with a private terrace) will be welcoming you with open arms and expanded lunch and dinner menus including Prime Grill Classics just in case you find yourselves craving our time-honored specialties.”

Dovber Blat told the jfile that “Prime Grill was the first upscale kosher steak house in the city. Before they opened, I would have my business meeting in bars and lobbies.

“There was no impressive kosher restaurant. Our business associates are used to high-end restaurants. I can’t take them to a place like Gottlieb’s,” he said.

Many well-known American businessmen dined at Prime Grill. It was not uncommon to see Jared Kushner or Ivanka Trump holding an important meeting at The Prime Grill . Donald Trump would eat there from time to time as well. It was reportedly Bernie Madoff’s favorite kosher restaurant. He had an office only a block away.

Yaron Levy of Pearl Productions, a high-end event planning company, told thejfile that “Joey Allaham and his Prime Hospitality Group revolutionized and changed the landscape of kosher fine dining in New York”.

“The New York Jewish business community owes him a great deal of gratitude,” he said.


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  1. Oy, this is terrible news. Where will all the baalei taaveh of oilam hzeh go to eat a $100 piece of meat now for 6 months? Will they survive? This is terrible news, I really feel bad for all those steak lovers

  2. This makes me sick, Wake up Klall Yisroel, Moshiach is at our door step, how can we still be busy with Gashmius??? we should be embarrassed.

    food food and more food?

  3. this is earth shattering news. especially validated since trump – hubby and his esteemed rebbetzin AND madoff, fressed there. oy, how i missed out by never going there and spending $80-100 on a shtik’l steak. i hope i don’t have to give a din v’cheshbon. forgive me, Hashem!

  4. “Many well-known American businessmen dined at Prime Grill. It was not uncommon to see Jared Kushner or Ivanka Trump holding an important meeting at The Prime Grill . Donald Trump would eat there from time to time as well. It was reportedly Bernie Madoff’s favorite kosher restaurant. He had an office only a block away.”

    Is this important to a Torah Jew?

  5. Ais tzoro he le’yaakov! Hurricane Sandy, Fiscal cliff, & now this?! Where will the masses be able to waste $100 on a piece of meat? They should have some sort of assifa!

  6. When I needed a nice place to take my clients where the kashrus was superb but the food was unquestionably up to par, I always took them to Prime Grill. I no longer live in NY, but I can’t tell you in these short comments how important places like this are for frum business people.

  7. if you dont want to take a business aassoc. to GOTTLIEB S in williamsburg go to PETER LUGERS for olam hazeh STEAKS.

  8. how about all the bitul torah and bitul zman es chatoai ani mazkir i was invited to a welcome party and we waited for 2\1]2 hours for the food bizoyon godol for a piece of fleish i vowed never to go again even though it was free

  9. Bernie Madoff favorite restaurant?! Now we’re making a hero out of him?! who cares about his favorite anything;
    trying to impress the oilam with this piece of unimportant news….
    Gashmius, gashmius, & more gashmius…
    When will we ever learn.
    Leiby Kletsky
    Hurricane Sandy
    Newtown, Connecticut
    Shame & embarrasement of the highest accord to even spend time reading this stupidity.

  10. For people who work for a living, this is important. I have taken many non religious and non Jewish clients there. If you don’t work, then you cannot understand the importance of an upscale glatt kosher restaurant.

  11. Thank you for reporting this very important news. also a big scoop, donald trump was seen near a kosher pizza store and i’m told that he almost ate there.

  12. “It was reportedly Bernie Madoff’s favorite”

    Why is this favorable? Why is it even mentioned that the guy who used other peoples money to eat there?

  13. 1-5: so now it is a crime to eat at a kosher restaurant !!! Obviously you guys never worked or you would understand that it is part of work to take clients to lunch. We are lucky to have decent kosher places so that we can do our jobs there. I wish we had such a place in lower Manhattan so we could avoid the trek uptown.

  14. Please note that Fresseru is not the poster who used to post under the name ‘FRESSER’. I stopped posting well over a year ago. I post this now, just to clarify and do not plan on posting -anywhere- again.

  15. Having read the comments before mine…these are my two cents worth: Yes, we need Kosher Restaurants..yes, we need to sometimes take our clients to lunch…yes yes to all that….Yes and sometimes we ourselves need a break and enjoy a little of Oilem Haza…however………………… it that important news to report? Not sure. Probably not…
    Alot more important news don’t get this what gives?
    For those of you on this site, you can’t complain…because had you really been what you want us to believe you wouldn’t be here…and that’s a fact. Bitel Torah, is checking to see the latest on this site too. Me, I’m a woman, bitel Torah does not apply to me.

  16. To #1 It are “all the baalei taaveh of oilam hzeh” who are responsible for keeping all the mosdei tzedaka and yeshivos running. If not for these people you think so little of the torah world would collapse. It is through their success and blessings that the tens of thousands (if not more) of people around the world can sit and learn. So before you bite the hand that feeds you, have a little hakoras hatov for the baalei chesed in our community who want to go out for a steak once in a while.

  17. To #21, Fresser:

    Thanx for clarifying who you really are. I always felt I had a split personality. Now I can sleep better at night knowing who I really am!


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