PRICELESS PHOTO: Holocaust Survivor Reb Eliezer Ostreicher of Brooklyn, With Numbers On His Arm, Plays Fiddle at Pre-Wedding Festivities in Yerushalayim for the Belzer Rebbe’s Grandson



  1. WOW!
    I just got back from the Shiras Devorah High School Holocaust Expo exhibit which is in Lakewood. They did an outstanding job! Seeing this photo after attending the expo is something else.
    Wishing him Arichas Yamim V’Shanim Gezunt UnShtark until 120 years!

  2. His daughter is the owner of the cleaners on 13 Avenue between 46 and 47 streets. She is married to the son of the famous Cheder Rebbe Rabbi weinstock of many years ago. They are sweet Jews. I remember once Reb Eliezer Ostreicher coming out of Eichlers on 13 Avenue and a German photographer was snapping pictures. He pulled up his sleeve and the German photographer was so moved and started snapping tons of pictures of the numbers on reb Eliezers arm.


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