President Obama To Attend Erev Shabbos Fundraiser at Home of Baltimore Askan Howard Tzvi Friedman




  1. A frum Yid hosting an anti American President is beyond belief. I guess you can say that political beliefs than patriotism.

    What a shame that we can support a president who golfs while the world burns.

  2. I guess this is the reason that 75% of the Jewish people voted for Obama and 55% still think he is doing an excellent job. I wonder what he promised them. This president is anti American and anti Israel and yet the Jews keep voting and believing in everything he says and does. What a Shanda.

  3. I dont like oBAMA and wouldn’t bring him in ym house, but R’ Howard Tzvi deserves credit for being rosh rishon lechol davar shbikdusha

  4. Stop it. When klal yisroel needs something they call R Howard (and his wife) and with one call, it is usually taken care of. So it’s a smart move. A little seichel please.

  5. Freidman, as former president of AIPAC, does not just represent himself. According to AIPAC’s own mission statement, the role of AIPAC is to strengthen, protect and promote the U.S.-Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of Israel. Obama has constantly done the opposite, whether it was his public snubbing of Netanyahu, his demand for Israel to retreat to the 1948 borders, his immoral decision to continue funding the recently-formed Palestinian Authority government which includes Hamas, a State Department declared terrorist organization, and finally, his negotiations with Iran bent on getting nuclear bombs, which goes against Israel’s (and the world’s) best interests. How any Jew who cares for Israel, especially one who represented AIPAC, can host this Israel-hating president, boggles the mind!

  6. I think the Queen should get precedence over the President. To start a presidential affair in the house 3 hours before licht-bentchen (7:01 PM) is problematic. Of course the president will be long gone by then (even though it is a “dinner”), but the media, security details, lighting crews etc. will definitely infringe on the Shabbos Queen’s hallowed time which starts at 7:01 PM.

  7. The residents of our community do NOT want this President to sully our neighborhood with his presence, especially so close to Shabbat. Let Obama rent a hotel

  8. The Shulchan Aruch 249:2 says that it is forbidden on Erev Shabbos to sit down to a meal on a scale that is not usual for weekdays (i.e. eating at 4 o’clock). The Biur Halacha quotes the Prim Megadim that by having a Friday meal that rivals the Shabbos meal, one shows disrespect for the honor of Shabbos. As the Chofetz Chaim zt”l said with tears in his eyes: “Shabbos, Shabbos?”

  9. Some people just never learn. They did the same for Hillary in 08. The shailah is, which is worse.

  10. I wonder how many of the people commenting are from blue states, where the Dems run the show, and you might vote nationally one way, but locally another, especially when the incumbents serve their constituents well.
    A little seichel and some respect for the oskim b’tzorchei tzibur b’emenuah, as well remembering we’re still in galus, is in order….

  11. Many people have criticism over the upcoming event at Howard Friedman’s house featuring president Obama. 1st of all the event is for the democratic senate election . Many of these senators up for election are pro Israel. So unless you are anti Israel you should be supporting this event. Everything Howard Friedman does is for the best of the Jewish people and Israel and this is no exemption of that.

  12. What justification is there for hosting a
    noted hater of Israel,Isalmist,defacto leader
    of Hamas,supporter of Al Quadea,ISIL,groups
    who murder millions of Christians and would
    like to do this to Jews ?

  13. 10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
    11:20 am || Delivers remarks at the AmeriCorps 20th Anniversary Event; South Lawn
    3:20 pm || Departs White House
    3:40 pm || Arrives Baltimore
    3:55 pm || Tours Fort McHenry
    5:55 pm || Appears at a fundraiser for Senate Democrats; private residence, Baltimore
    6:30 pm || Departs Baltimore
    6:50 pm || Arrives White House

    All times Eastern
    Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

  14. Democrats support abortion (killing) on demand and other actions that are not aligned with Torah observance. I fail to understand how a Jew can support the Democrat agenda


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