President Obama Plays Golf for Second Weekend in a Row


obama-golf-golfPresident Obama went out for a round of golf this afternoon, his second weekend in a row to hit the links at a course at Joint Base Andrews.

The president golfed with White House aides Marvin Nicholson, Joe Paulsen, and Michael Brush.

Last Saturday, the president played golf at the same course with Nicholson, Brush, and friend and Chicago businessman Marty Nesbitt. The outing marked his first time on the golf course since the sequester cuts went into place on March 1. The president also took in the Syracuse-Marquette NCAA tournament basketball game at the Verizon Center, where he spent time talking with Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III last weekend.

Source: ABC NEWS

{ Newscenter}


  1. Ike Eisenhower played golf every weekend. Barack Obama plays golf every weekend. Therefore he must be as great a president as Eisenhower was.

    Good grief, Pres. Bush was vacationing in Texas while Hurrican Katrina was wiping out New Orleans. If you’re going to complain about presidents taking time off, maybe a little evenhandedness would be in order.

  2. what else is new?
    obama has to run away from all the troubles of the sequester. if you know what i mean!
    tommorow he’ll be on a vacation in hawaii.
    mark my words!

  3. Don’t kid yourself! this is a malchus shel chesed and Mr. obama is the esteemed leader. how many people his age in the frum world are in such good physical shape? we can learn a lot about good health from this chushuve yunger man. dont eat the cheeseburgers though. you have to eat the inside and throw away the klipah. a gezundera fella, that president of ours.


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