President Barack Obama Pens Letter to be Read at 2015 Parnassah Expo


obama-parnassahShortly before this past Shabbos, Parnassah Network – Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce founder and director Reb Duvi Honig received a major surprise: an official personal letter from President Barack Obama addressed to 2015 Parnassah Expo attendees, signed on official White House stationary.

The highest echelons of our country’s business and political spheres are enamored by the fact that thousands of Jewish community members from across America – and around the world – will join this Tuesday and Wednesday to boost each others’ economic success. They are in tune with Parnassah Network – Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce developments, and eager to help this powerhouse succeed.

Due to strict White House regulations governing official presidential messages, none of the letter’s content can be released until the Expo opens its doors. The message will be prominently displayed at the entrance of the Expo, to greet attendees. The highlight of the first Expo day – Tuesday – will be an official reading of the presidential message by Reb Duvi to the audience.

In addition to top White House officials, Parnassah Network – Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce is in constant contact with various other high level government officials, apprising them of all its activities to boost our community’s economic activity. The federal government has offered several business related programs through Parnassah Network – Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce venues. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is a particularly close friend of the group’s activities. An official letter from the senator will be presented at the Expo as well.

“When we get together as one to maximize each other’s success, it is a monumental kiddush Hashem,” says Reb Duvi. “We make a positive impression upon all sectors of society, and they’re eager to help us succeed in any way they can.”

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  1. Are we stupid?? This man is one of the worst sonai yisroel in word and action yet if he throws us a crumb we rejoice. Let’s recognize him for what he is. He learned sinas yisroel from his aisov side and sheker from his yishmoel side.

    But he sent a personal letter to parnossa expo!!

  2. Why would someone honestly care for that letter?! who gives two hoots?!!!! i think pres. Obama is a great guy and all that jazz…… let him keep busy with the Iran deal

  3. Beautiful positive letter by our president. Regardless of what you might think about his ‘antisemitic’ policies towards this rightwing Israeli government (for example sharing Intel with the Israelis at an unprecedented level, or upping US aid, and funding for the iron dome) his policies are creating a healthy economic atmosphere for many years to come, without the drastic boom/bust cycles endemic under republican presidents.

  4. let him write a letter to assad. but we don’t need his letters or recognition. its worthless & fake cause hes a great actor

  5. It was probably a letter condemning the expo for trying to promote business and capitalism. He probably exhorted everyone to go back to their couches and collect government handouts

  6. Let me be clear the letter that he is penning is from another person. This man reads only what others write and this letter will be from one of his speech writers, so don’t be that honored. What ever he usually says without a writer is usually foolish, that the United States has 57 states, I like him to name them all.


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