Presbyterian Study Guide Equates Zionism with Racism


yerushalayimMajor Jewish civil rights groups are denouncing a new publication distributed by the Presbyterian Church (USA) that rejects the existence of Israel as a Jewish state.

“Zionism Unsettled,” a study guide published last month by the Israel/Palestine Mission Network, a group chartered by the church, writes of the “pathology” of Zionism, the movement undergirding the founding of Israel as a Jewish homeland.

The publication laments that the major streams of Judaism (sic) – “Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist” – have included the “Prayer for the State of Israel” in their prayer books.

Rev. Chris Leighton, executive director of the Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies, wrote in an open letter to the church: “to suggest that the Jewish yearning for their own homeland – a yearning that we Presbyterians have supported for numerous other nations – is somehow theologically and morally abhorrent is to deny Jews their own identity as a people.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Could you find more blatant paganism and anti-Semitism? I thought Presbyterians were supposed to be more friendly than the others. I guess that they have the same lice in their bed and fraud in their mind. Pagans without souls. Never Again.

  2. I opened this article expecting to find a list of the major Jewish civil rights groups that reacted to this. Is the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies one? Its website describes itself as “a non-profit organization that concentrates its educational expertise on the dual tasks of disarming religious hatred and establishing new models of interfaith understanding”. Not that I support hatred (or this publication), but is not being hated a civil right?


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