Preposterous Peres: Gaza Must Be Returned To Mahmoud Abbas, End Gaza Campaign


peresGaza belongs to Mahmoud Abbas, and must be returned to him, recently retired Israeli President Shimon Peres told reporters today after visiting wounded soldiers in Beer Sheva.

“In diplomacy, there is one rule: legitimacy. Gaza belongs to Mahmoud Abbas, he is the only one with legitimate authority, and the agreement was signed with him. Gaza was stolen from him. The best thing to do is return it to him. He has proven that he knows how to lead, and he can save Gaza, with the help of Egypt and the Arab world.

“This war is characterized by one thing,” Peres continued. “There is no more Arab world against Israel. Hamas is more internationally isolated than Israel. The Arab world understands that the danger comes from extremists. They are dissolving one nation after another. Just yesterday, Libya fell.

“I think the war has exhausted itself and now we need to stop it. There is no real army in Gaza, no real government, every one speaks in a different voice. This will take a little time but it will end.

“I hope that at the end of the day the other side reaches the conclusion that the great victory will be to end this diplomatically and peacefully. No one benefits when a child is killled, Everyone benefits when children are able to sleep at night.

“Therefore the solution is to return power to those who received it legally. The entire world needs to rehabilitate Gaza.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. He’s not ironic,he’s senile.I suggest he listen to the interview with Abass’ son.He more or less said that he wont be satified until every occupier(jew) is gone or dead.Now that is real diplomacy

  2. There was an interview with Abbas’ son this week where he said he wnts every occupier (jew) gone or dead.Now that’s real diplomatic.That was the thnks we got for treating his mother.

  3. Just a few short weeks ago, Peres got the US Congressional gold medal, through the efforts of Yidden in BP as was reported here on

    Can someone explain why people from Boro Park arranged such a thing?

  4. Peres is neither ironic nor senile. He is simply acting in his own best self-interest.

    Peres is the one who got the Nobel Peace Prize for the Oslo Accords. He cannot admit that Abbas and the PA are bent on destroying us and are not legitimate partners for peace – because if he does, that means that he is a failure, as well.

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