Preet Bharara: ‘Absolutely Evidence’ To Begin An Obstruction Case Against Trump


Preet Bharara, the former U.S. attorney fired earlier this year by President Trump, held nothing back in his first TV interview since his ouster — claiming Sunday there’s “absolutely evidence” to launch an obstruction case against Trump’s team with regard to the Russia probe.


“No one knows right now whether there is a provable case of obstruction,” he said, adding: “There’s no basis to say there’s no obstruction.”

Bharara has been critical of the president ever since he was let go in March along with dozens of other U.S. attorneys held over from the last administration. The former federal prosecutor in Manhattan attended Comey’s hearing on Thursday. Read more at Fox News.




  1. Comey is a leaker. That is a 105%. Comey has to be jailed or deported ASAP. We need to rid ourselves of this pollution.asap

  2. After (most likely) being fired for refusing to reopen the Clinton investigation, Bharara has “found absolute evidence” that Russia exposed Hillary’s criminal activities to the world, thus losing the election. Had you done your job with honesty and integrity Trump might have kept you as US Attorney even though his goal is to drain the swamp. Eat your heart out now like Comey.

  3. you know if preet says so, especially if he says there’s absolute evidence, how could we possibly question something an imbecile like preet says? let him first start get a name that makes him sound more like a human than a chimpanzee or parakeet. then maybe we’ll spend the time of actually deciphering and making mince meat out of his “absolute” nonsense.


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