Power Outage?


 yeshivaNo, there’s no power outage.

The learning at yeshivos across the country continues undisturbed, as night seder moves along. 

The kol Torah remains strong.

What power outage did you think we were talking about anyway?

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Power went out at the Superdome early in the third quarter of the Super Bowl on Sunday with the Baltimore Ravens leading the San Francisco 49ers 28-6.

    The majority of lights failed shortly after Jacoby Jones returned the opening kickoff of the second half for a touchdown. There was 13:22 left in the quarter.

    The teams remained on the field, with players stretching and trying to stay warmed up, including the Ravens’ Joe Flacco and Ed Reed.

    There was a public address announcement for fans to stay in their seats.

    Officials gathered on the field and appeared to be talking to stadium personnel.

  2. the olam in my yeshiva are shteiging
    this whole night is a bittul zeman
    the olam has to lig in lernen
    thanks for this report

  3. Beautiful Community wide Avos U’bonim tonight during the game with hundreds of kids during the game – onu rotzim vhem rotzim…….

  4. Rav Shimon Fink, 8th grade Rebbi in Yeshivas Tiferes Yisrael in Brooklyn invites his class to a SoferBowl. A Sofer comes and teaches Safrus things and then ther’s a shiur and more Ruchniyos! And ALMOST all of his talmidim come – some who abandon their familie’s SuperBowl party to spend the night in Kedusha. He’s been doing it for years and NEVER a single talmid expresses regret for chosing Torah over the game.
    Anu Ratzim Vehaim Rotzim!!

  5. Let’s face it. The Jets STINK & will never win another Super Bowl! When the arrogant Jet fans blamed Rich Kotite for the teams demise, they were wrong.

  6. so the ravens won now how does this afect me i could understand to follow politics becose it afecs us but why in the world does anybody care if the ravens won im asking on sports fans in genreal

  7. Matzav, great reporting…The power outage was a reminder from H”KBH that He runs the world & to remind people of the bittul zman taking place….

  8. It is comical that people were posting here during the game about how “shtark” they were learning. Dude, you are posting on a website and not learning. Keep the self-riotousness in check here.

  9. Very cute, very appropriate! Thanks for the smile this am, and thanks for the beautiful validation of who we are and where we belonged last night. Obviously, we understand youe reference only because we heard about the blackout in the news.

  10. I had the tremendous Zechus to participate (together with two of my sons) in an unprecedented Kiddush Hashem which took place in Baltimore last night. As the linked article so eloquently states (paraphrased by me), “while the lights went out in New Orleans, they shone brightly in the Beis Midrash in Baltimore.”


    We arrived on time for this beautiful event and, already, the seats in the enormous Beis Midrash were all taken. We went straight to the Ezras Nashim, which still had plenty of room. However, around 10 minutes later, it too was full, and people had to sit on the steps! The Divrei Bracha from the Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Aharon Feldman, Shlita, were very inspiring.

    It’s very encouraging that, even in this day and age, so many people can get together and make a statement to the world (and to themselves and to their children) as to what is really important and what doesn’t even qualify as unimportant. 🙂


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