Postal Service Moves Toward Five-Day Delivery


post-officeThe Postal Service took the first formal step today toward cutting mail delivery to five days a week. The postal governing board agreed to ask the independent Postal Regulatory Commission for an opinion on dropping Saturday delivery. That request goes to the commission next week.Under the proposal, mail delivery to homes and businesses and mail collection from blue mailboxes would be limited to Monday through Friday.

However, post offices that are now open on Saturdays would remain open, and Express Mail delivery service would still be available seven days a week.

Beyond getting the regulatory commission’s opinion, the Postal Service needs Congress to approve the change.

The Postal Service says the delivery change would save more than $3 billion annually. It is a major part of a decade-long plan to eliminate losses and restore the agency to stability in the face of shrinking business.

As Americans turned more and more from paper to electronic communications, the number of items handled by the post office fell from 213 billion in 2006 to 177 billion last year. Volume is expected to shrink to 150 billion by 2020.

The post office lost $3.8 billion last year and is facing projected losses of as much as $7 billion this year. Other proposals for cutting losses include changes in the financing of retiree health care and closing some mail handling centers and post offices.

{Wall Street Journal/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Boruch HaShem!
    Now there will be LESS chilul Shabbos.
    The Jewish workers won’t work on the heiliger Shabbos and stam people won’t be oiver mailing stuff on Erev Shabbos Koidesh.

  2. Dropping Saturday delivery would give two consecutive non-delivery days -three when there’s a legal holiday- keep that in ming when mailing time-sensitive things like credit card bills or mortgage payments.

  3. You don’t appreciate the convenience of opening your mail Motzei Shabbos? A goy has no Shabbos! Akum Sheshavas Chayiv Meesah!


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