Popular Israel Actor Praises Chareidi Chesed


Popular Israeli actor and comedian Nadav Abuksis was overwhelmed by the chesed he witnessed at the giant Tel Hashomer Hospital near Tel Aviv.

“It’s important to see the good side of the chareidi sector and not just the bad side,” he tweeted from the hospital.

“People endlessly insult the chareidim as fascists and extremists,” he said. “My mother is being treated at Tel Hashomer. Every five minutes a chareidi volunteer from Ezer Mitzion comes to offer food, free of charge. Every week it’s like this; hot soup, cake, a sandwich.”

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Definitely a Kiddush Hashem. The question is, can someone work with him to get him to become a baal teshuva?

  2. Who cares. לא מעוקצך ולא מדובשך. Do we need anyone’s approval nor should we be bothered by the insults. Have some self respect.

    • Ok. he was just reporting what is “said” out there – not his own views.
      so you do not see him as a fellow member of klal yisrael? sad.

  3. Pretty fun.

    Any good charity of vote to help the charedi community that it will deem well it earn is good.

    Any orthodox jew might ever have the constant trouble with the unorthodox who will note any reason that the orthodox are too severe and “overbearing” and harmful to their desire (usually to get a pork sandwich).

    Its hard. I will forward this story to a loved one who is not yet even learning kosher humane thought mostly. It might help.


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