Pope Endorses “State of Palestine” and Calls Abbas a “Peacemaker”


abbasPope Francis is taking a stab at a situation where John Kerry and decades of diplomats have faltered. He shouldn’t have. The pontiff has dived into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during his visit to the Middle East, openly referring to the “State of Palestine” in Sunday’s Regina Coeli address in Bais Lechem’s Manger Square.

Pope Francis also referred to Abbas as a “peacemaker.” However, he did make efforts to appeal to both Israelis and Palestinians.

He called on Israeli President Shimon Perez and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to meet at the Vatican to join him in “a heartfelt prayer to God for the gift of peace.” Both have reportedly welcomed the invitation, though Palestinian and church authorities acknowledged it will be largely symbolic. Read more at the New York Times.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Why should the esteemed pontiff inconvenience himself with all those perfidos iudaeos and insist upon the Kotel visit? Someone should tell him that not only palestinians are native inhabitants, but the palestinian wall is the original and it’s the very best place to pray and cry out to – to whatever. He already seemed very impressed by that wall (please let no one mention to him that it was built by Israelis).

  2. Seriously? Doesn’t Pope know these folks treat Christians? The Pope’s praise for Abbas is so misplaced that one has to wonder on what basis he made the comment.

  3. When he becomes ex president he should have lo0ts of time to dven.Rabbi Israel Lau for President.He would make mincemeat out of all of the

  4. Now we know, that this avee avoes hatumah is no good and up to know good–tell him to go back to Rome immediately and play with his pontiffs and cardinal.He has no useful function here.

  5. The pope is not a friend of real sincerity if there is really a condition of hate that is not placed in the reality of its own conjectured demise. Calling Abbas a “peacemaker” is like calling the lighter a high life modality of trust. It might light your cigar, but it can still start a fire.

    Never Again.

  6. So I see the “thought police” that run Matzav are in the sanitizing mode! To bad Matzav is part of the problem!

  7. This pope is very political. I am sure he knows better than anybody, how many Catholics were murdered by
    Moslems. He has no choice since in near future vatican will be under moslem rules in Europe.


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