POOP SCOOP: Lakewood Residents Shamed Into Picking Up Dog Poop With DNA Matching

In the Whispering Fountains Senior Living Complex in Lakewood, California, a suburb twenty miles southeast of downtown LA, trouble is brewing, Laist.com reports.

At the senior living complex, residents have grown increasingly upset over certain neighbors’ inability to pick up after their dogs, according to KTLA. Finally, apartment management took matters into their own hands, bringing in a company called “PooPrints,” who will use DNA testing to determine who’s been remiss in their doggy duties.

KTLA reports that PooPrints has already been contracted to solve similar feces mysteries at over 1700 apartment complexes and buildings. Dogs living at the complex have already had a DNA swab taken, so any poop that hasn’t been cleaned up can be matched with the dog’s lazy owner. Residents can face a $150 fine for a first offense and $250 for each additional offense.

Some residents, however, feel like management is taking the whole thing a little too far, as KTLA reports.

“if you leave any traces whatsoever and a resident finds it unsightly, they can collect the DNA, like for a trace, like when the dog has a diarrhea, they’ll poo print it and they’ll fine you,” Leslee Siegel, a dog owner, told the station.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Sounds something like smoking: the smoker – or in this case, the owner of the pet – doesn’t mind the smoke or the mess, but everyone else does (and how!). Sorry, there’s such a thing as being considerate of others, especially when they are the majority, so pipe down and scoop up.
    On the other hand, why is this newsworthy at this site???

  2. Very important news for chareidim living in Lakewood. Oh, it’s not even Lakewood, NJ, but some hicktown in Ca. Who cares? Can you give us 1 reason why you felt compelled to share this “scoop”?

  3. When readers of this web read Lakewood, there isn’t one person thinking Lakewood, California! Totally misleading headline & that being said , this is definitely not worthy of a news item on a frum website! Like, seriously, we are rapidly approaching the Yomim Noraim…………

    • No one is forcing you to work for your boss. You don’t like your job? Leave. Resorting to cursing a possibly mentally ill and abusive boss should be beneath you. If he’s Jewish, daven for him for a refuah shelaima.

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