Pompeo’s North Korea Meeting Was A ‘Dead End’


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s overnight visit to Pyongyang last week failed to demonstrate any progress on denuclearization talks, leading one source with knowledge of the discussions to say the White House felt it went “as badly as it could have gone.”

“The North Koreans were just messing around, not serious about moving forward,” the source told CNN’s Michelle Kosinski, adding that Pompeo had been promised a meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and so not getting that meeting sent a big message.

“By now it’s abundantly clear that this approach is a dead end,” said Adam Mount, a senior fellow and director of the Defense Posture Project at the Federation of American Scientists, where he covers US nuclear strategy, deterrence and North Korea

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  1. Stop posting articles from CNN. They will do anything to make Trump look bad. CNN’s objectivity went out the window after Trump’s election. It is just more fake news.

    • and from WaPo; anything to thrash Trump’s victory. If Pompeo’s meeting with NK was a dead end, you can be sure President Trump would have mentioned it. Have you noticed how CNN, WaPo, MSNBC, NYT and other Fake News are fabricating their reports recently from “anonymous sources”?

  2. Thanks mig for your comment! I was going to write, please provide a source for the story, not a sorcerer!


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