Polls Are Open For N.J. Primary Day 2018


Polls open Tuesday for the 2018 primaries, which this year include Congressional races that could sway the balance of power between Republicans and Democrats in Washington, as well as some key local races.

New Jersey has nearly 2.4 million unaffiliated voters, and any of them can walk into a polling place on Tuesday and request a Republican or Democratic ballot to cast their primary vote.

The Congressmen representing Lakewood, NJ, 19 term incumbent Chris Smith, is not being challenged by a Republican but will face the winner of the Democrat party primary.



  1. If the election machines were not fixed and can still be rigged, and voting will not be done by ID, it would be a waste of time to go vote because the Deep State, the FBI and CIA mafia have their Democrat candidate elected.

  2. What abt Illegal Ailens, those who jumped our borders & have anchor babies here 2 live off the fat of the land, do they get 2 vote even though they aren’t US citizens ?


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