Poll: Trump Transition Approval Plummets


According to a new CNN/ORC poll, Donald Trump will take office on Friday with the lowest approval ratings for any recent president and his transition efforts. The president-elect will be sworn in while his approal rating is 44 points below outgoing President Barack Obama’s; and while approval ratings for his transition efforts are more than 20 points below Obama’s, George W. Bush’s, and Bill Clinton’s. Across the board, approval ratings for various aspects of Trump‘s transition have plummeted since November.

Nearly 53% of Americans polled now say Trump’s handling of his transition since Election Day have made them less confident in his ability to handle the highest office in the land—a 10-percent increase in disapproval since November. Additionally, the disapproval of his handling of transition efforts has climbed seven points to 52 percent, and the percentage of those who think Trump will be a good president dropped five points since the election. Read more at CNN/ORC.




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