Poll: Split On Whether Obama ‘Dictator Or Do-Nothing’


obamaPresident Obama’s job rating has been underwater for over a year. Some people criticize him for exceeding his authority by going around Congress to push his policies through. Others say he is getting little accomplished because of a lack of leadership and willingness to compromise. Well, which is it?

The latest Fox News national poll finds that Americans are more likely to think Obama falls in the just-do-it category than the do-nothing camp.

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Obama is a “strong leader who does what it takes to get his policies enacted,” say 47 percent of voters. Compare that to 39 percent who say he is a “weak leader who doesn’t seem to do much of anything.”

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  1. Who is Obama? What does a side step to the left before a grimace of pain mean? Just another day of a pancake grin from a lazy muscular arm.

    The man is not a dictator, but he really is a cymbal for his own lost cause. The only thing is that Mr. Bush seems to be the one playing the cymbals most of the time.

    Really tragic what Bush did in many ways. But Obama is not his change of station. Obama is the heart that the forces of pain said was a pretty cool guy. That may be nice of course, but Obama is a feel good no nonsense guy that takes the nonsense however from his very bad polls and says that he has not grown in office. I agree. He is only growing bubbles for his lack of self-respect.

    And the real mornings on the tomorrow news stations are not about Mr. Obama but about the better limit on changing hope in America.

    We clearly are ready for 2016. This is the most stage show lost presidency ever.

    And I think that the nickle stops here is not a very popular saying.

    Goodbye soon Mr. Obama. We paid too much in your own lost dreams.


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