Poll Shows Ray Kelly Would Lead In Race For NYC Mayor


kellyThe NYPD’s clashes with Wall Street protestors haven’t done much to diminish Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s popularity. A Quinnipiac University poll found that Kelly would lead the current field of candidates if he decided to run for mayor in 2013, even though the top cop has said repeatedly that he doesn’t have the DNA for elective politics.

Among all voters, Kelly led six potential rivals with 25 percent, followed by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn at 17 percent; Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, 14 percent and Comptroller John Liu, 10 percent. Former comptroller Bill Thompson, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer were all in single digits.

With the election two years off, experts say the numbers largely reflected name recognition.

The results mirrored those of a Q poll taken in July, two months before demonstrators grabbed control of Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan and got into fights with cops during various marches.

“Who should get the top job when Bloomberg finishes his third term? Police Commissioner Ray Kelly leads the pack, although most politicians doubt he’ll run,” said pollster Maurice Carroll.

Kelly’s job approval rating also remained high at 66 percent positive and 24 percent negative. That’s down slightly from the 67-17 percent grade Kelly got in July.

The latest poll was taken Oct. 12-16, smack in the middle of the tense period when the NYPD was preparing to clear Zuccotti Park at the request of owner Brookfield Properties. A violent confrontation was averted at the last minute when Brookfield had a sudden change of heart.

In other findings, the poll reported that Mayor Bloomberg’s popularity dropped to 47-42 percent after spiking in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, when the mayor was widely applauded for the city’s intense and effective preparations.

Voters also said — 52 to 41 percent– that the mayor had lost focus in the third term.

But no hard feelings.

On a personal level, voters by an overwhelming 60-25 percent margin said they liked Bloomberg.

{NY Post/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. This report is total rubbish! The do nothing police commisioner, Ray “cover up” Kelly has as much a chance of becoming NYC’s Mayor, as Joe Biden has of becoming President! It will never happen! The left wing media is trying to create a candidate – just like it did with Gov. Christy- out of nothing! No one is pushing him to run! The media does this before every election! Why doesn’t Lord Mike “parking tickets” Bl$$mberg just run again? He broke the law last time, why not do it again? There are enough Liberal dummies in Manhattan that would vote for him for life!


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