Poll: Secular Public Believes Chareidi Majority Endangers Israel


chareidimA Ynet and Gesher poll has discovered that many secular members of Israel’s population are concerned with predictions that the chareidi sector will soon be a majority in Israel and believe this constitutes a major risk to the state’s existence.

The poll was conducted among 501 people – a sample of adult Jews living in Jewish cities in Israel.

The first question was, “What will you do if Israel becomes mainly chareidi?” For 41% the answer was: “It would sadden me out of fear for Israel’s existence”, while 37% said they would be fine with it, and 12% said they would leave the country because they do not want to live in a “halachic state.”

Those polled who define themselves as secular expressed more concern for a chareidi majority, with 56% of them saying they would fear for Israel’s existence. However 87% of religious and 92% of chareidim were convinced that the secular minority would not suffer from a chareidi majority.

Participants in the poll were then asked whether the state should attempt to prevent the demographic tilt. To this, 37% answered that all benefits to chareidi should be withdrawn, 32% said nothing should be done because “whatever will be will be”, 10% supported encouraging secular immigration, and 10% said they would be pleased with the change.

The results show that of the secular people polled, 50% would stop all benefits to chareidim, while 52% of religious participants said they would take no action. Of the chareidim polled, 75% said they would be pleased with the change.

The third question asked, “Which of the following proposals do you believe would better incorporate chareidim into society?”

To this, 40% answered they should serve mandatory army service, 28% preferred national service, 21% recommended occupational training that would allow them to better incorporate into the workforce, 3% called for affirmative action on accepting chareidim to jobs, and 4% said the state should not become involved.

The results showed that of the seculars polled, 47% believe mandatory IDF service would help haredim assimilate better, 37% of religious people believe occupational training would help, and 42% of the chareidim want affirmative action.

Ilan Gael-Dor, general manager of Gesher, responded to the findings by saying, “It is clear to everyone that the chareidim currently constitute a significant portion of Israeli society and the non-haredi population is concerned they will ‘take over.’

“The poll proves that the Israeli public is open to accept the haredim, but at the same time believes they must take on a larger portion of the national responsibility, through army or national service. At Gesher we believe it is very important to extend the dialogue with the chareidim and oppose slogans that only widen the gaps.”

{Ynet/Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Imagine a country where the majority of adult males don’t have employment. Imagine a country where the majority of adult males don’t serve in the army, while the country has its back against the wall by Arab hordes. Imagine no tax base. Imagine no money for anything. Imagine people unable to even shnorrer, because who will they schnorr FROM? Eveyone will be poor and have no income. That’s Israel when the charedim take over. And you think their takeover is a good thing? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  2. the non charedi jews in israel are brain washed they think if they get read of the chareidim all will be peache kin just like the obama thinks if we read our self from the jews the world will a better place to live with iran as a very good partner may K’BH have mercey on us

  3. #2 an English class is in order….desperately. For you and for all the people who only had a limited secular education. Learning how to spell correctly is only as far away as the dictionary.It is terribly embarrassing to see how people express themselves in this forum and in the others…not a laughing matter.
    My intention is not to be critical, but I am new to these forums and I’m sure that many people have access to read, and you know what I mean…and it doesn’t come across too well that people in our midst don’t know basic English.
    Never too late to learn…
    And regarding the article…it will be the way Hashem wants it to be.Cheshboines aside…if the secular would consider having larger families and not relying on birth control to limit their families and proceed to populate the world with yiddishe neshumas…they would have no complaints…(and,who knows, maybe less neshumas of yidden unwilling to follow the traditions of their parents and grandparents is not such a bad thing) In any case…the world does not rely on our plans…its all from above….the way the world moves…it only seems like we are navigating it….we are not.

  4. Can we have some sensible, reasoned responses to this article, free of knee-jerk hysteria, p l e a s e ?

    Red Fox’s outburst is deplorable.

  5. there’s nothing wrong with charedim, and the article doesn’t seem to say that secular s don’t like charedim, it’s that they want the state to be able to run. and as shmuel correctly said, it just work with the way charedim are now, they have to contribute to society spiritually as well as non-spiritually

  6. To Shmuel,

    There is a Riboneh Shel Olam in charge. If the Chareidim take charge, who knows, maybe Hashem the Av Harachim will have rachmonus on all of us. How can you be so sure that we have to be afraid and not trust in Hashem?

  7. The Secular need a very deep reality check
    I hope this isnt as widespread as it appears.
    The first thing they need to learn is Pride and Self Respect in who they are or in who they should be.

  8. Oh, yes, I agree: may Hashem have mercy on us. But we all have to agree on one thing: the reason we have flourished in the USA and other Western countries is because we have been allowed to receive higher education, have gained legal protections allowing us to work without fear of losing our employment due to our religious needs, have been allowed to open businesses, all the while others worried about protecting us, be they local police, the armed forces, etc.
    This has been quite a bracha, and we should really be appreciative.
    Now imagine a country where others are not carrying you economically, and you’re not carrying yourselves. Noone works. Noone pays taxes. There’s no money for any social programs. No support for poor families. No support for yeshivas. No money for police. No money for an army. No money, simply, for anything. And that’s where the modern State of Israel is heading, sadly. Charedim who rejoice when they imagine their takeover will be sobered up aplenty when they realize there will be NO MONEY for anything. The laugh will be on them.

  9. #8…why you hate the chareidim so???? If not for the chareidim, most of whom….not all, but a vast majority spend their day learning Torah, without which, we would not survive!!!!!!!!It is their Torah that keeps the world afloat….without the supposedly “chareide guys” who dedicate their life to Torah….you and I would probably not survive!!!!they are the upkeepers, plain and simple….your discontent aside.

  10. You freiers have short memories, don’t you? You’re your own worst enemy, the harder you nazis try to wipe out Jews the more ridiculous you appear to the rest of the world and the more self-destruction you cause.

    The zionist state is only 60 years old. Nobody wanted them here and we’ll be very pleased if they’ll go back to Europe and live with the goyim they aspire to be emulated. Israel today is a disgrace, it represents nothing but kfirah and golus. Get the Israeli tumah out of this holy place and Moshiach will come.

    Why come to Eretz Hakodesh to be michallel Shabbos and Yom Tov, eat treyf, and demonstrate against Jews? Youy had all that back in the old country.


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