Poll: Nearly Half Say Replace Everyone In Congress


congress-fiscal-bill-dealThe impasse that shut down much of the federal government for 16 days has left Americans in the sort of throw-the-bums-out mood that presaged two recent tumultuous elections in which control of the House of Representatives shifted from one party to the other.

In a nationwide USA TODAY/Princeton Survey Research Poll, just 4% of those surveyed – equal to the margin of error – say Congress would be changed for the worse if nearly every member was replaced next year. Nearly half say it would work better. About four in 10 say a wholesale overhaul wouldn’t make much difference.

Those findings are similar to the public’s views in previous years when voter dismay cost one side or the other control of the House. In 1994, when Democrats lost their majority, 40% said Congress would be better off if most members were replaced. In 2006, when Republicans lost control, 42% held that view.

Now 47% say Congress would work better if nearly every seat changed hands next year. (The question wasn’t asked in 2010, when Republicans regained control.)

Among Republicans and Republican leaners, a 52% majority say Congress would be better off if most of the current members were replaced – even though the GOP now controls the House and holds most of those seats.

Read more at USA TODAY.

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