Poll: Most Americans Still Think There Was A JFK Cover-Up


jfk-kennedyAs they have for decades, most Americans (61 percent) think others in addition to Lee Harvey Oswald were involved in the assassination of President Kennedy, but that has dropped significantly from 15 years ago. At the same time, 20 percent think Oswald acted on his own, up 10 points from 1998, on the 35th anniversary of President Kennedy’s death.

Majorities across all age groups believe others in addition to Oswald were involved in the assassination, but those ages 65 and over are most likely to think Oswald acted alone (26 percent).

While most continue to believe there was an official cover-up to keep the public from learning the truth about the Kennedy assassination, that number has declined over the years. Fifty-six percent now believe there was a cover-up, down from 81 percent in 1993. A quarter of Americans – 27 percent – don’t think there was an official cover-up.

Skepticism surrounding the events of the JFK assassination persists, but more than six in 10 don’t think another investigation into the death of President Kennedy is necessary.

There have been a number of tragedies in the lives of Kennedy family members, but most Americans don’t think the family is cursed. Still, 15 percent do believe there is a curse on the Kennedy family.

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  1. “those ages 65 and over are most likely to think Oswald acted alone (26 percent).”

    the Older generation are generally more innocent


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