Poll: Most Americans Doubt Trump Can Handle Presidential Duties


Less than half of the Americans who participated in a new poll are confident that President-elect Donald Trump can handle several of the job’s duties once he takes office this month. Solid majorities, however, were confident in Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton when they assumed the executive post.

The Gallup poll, conducted Dec. 7 through Dec. 11, showed that only 46 percent of respondents are confident Trump will be able to handle an international crisis. Only 47 percent believe he will wisely use military force. By contrast, 60 percent of those polled believe Trump will be effectively able to work with Congress. Fifty-nine percent of the total respondents believe he will handle the economy effectively. Only 14 percent of the Democrats polled have confidence he will prevent scandals, and a low 35 percent of that same group anticipates he will be able to work with Congress. Read more at THE HILL.


  1. Why are we going to believe these polls when all the other polls failed. Obviously someone believed he can do the presidency or he would not be president-elect. I take all polls with a grain of salt now since they failed so badly in the rest of all the presidency polls. I ask what is their real objective in these polls for a negative or a positive result, and it always depends on what questions you actually ask.

  2. Have we not learned about the “accuracy” and believability of polls?

    In this day and age no president can handle the duties of the position alone. That’s why presidents surround themselves with advisors. In addition to his personal failings, because the current president surrounded himself with naive, incompetent advisors, he gave us eight years of catastrophe. Trump is surrounding himself with expert and experienced managers and leaders, and has a strong chance of a successful run as president.

  3. Most polls didn’t give him the slightest chance to win the election so don’t pay so much attention to these purposely demoralizing polls ordered by the democrats

  4. If you read any main stream media report touting a “poll” that is negative about Donald Trump, you know, automatically, that it’s a farce. The media worked overtime with the pollsters to coronate Hillary and defeat Trump, publishing one fraudulent poll after another. Having lost big time, they are now feverishly colluding to take Trump down using the same discredited methods: fake news and fraudulent polls. They just haven’t figured out yet that they have ZERO credibility. The biased MSM and their garbage pollsters are finished! Most should just close up shop already.

  5. Interesting no one had a doubt if Obama is capable, even though he never held any position in his life where he had to negotiate, hire and fire. Trump had and has many different gigs employs thousands, negotiates billion dollar deals and you doubt his capabilities. This is obviously the left wing media hysteria again!!

  6. Gallup poll???
    You’re joking, right?
    These are the same filthy corrupt biased pigs, that guaranteed us Hillary was going to win in a landslide.
    How can Matzav lower themselves to quote ANYTHING from ANY pollsters?!

  7. Another reason to ignore the polls. Obama was President for 8 years and he was not and did not perform the duties of the office.

  8. Most Americans also believed he didn’t stand a chance in the primaries.
    Most Americans also believed that Hillary would waltz into the White House
    So much for what most Americans believe !!

  9. It says, “Less than half of the Americans ***who participated in a new poll****”–without giving information as to how many people that was, and where this poll was conducted, how the questions were formulated and so forth. So there’s really nothing to this story.

  10. Trump will without a doubt be far superior and more capable than Obama. There is a constant dialogue as who was worse for the country – Jimmy Carter or Barrack Hussein Obama…….


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