Poll: Israelis Doubt U.S. Will Prevent Iranian Nuclear Weapons


iranian-nuclear-facilityA Peace Index survey conducted on Sep. 30-Oct. 1 asked: In light of U.S. behavior toward Iran, will President Obama fulfill his promise to prevent Iran’s development of nuclear weapons?

27% of Israeli Jews believed he will fulfill the promise, while 67% were not sure.

14% said President Rouhani’s speech at the UN indicated a real change in Iran’s position, while 80% said it was just a change in rhetorical style.

Asked who was more correct in assessing the danger Iran poses to the free world, Western leaders or Prime Minister Netanyahu, 14% of Israeli Jews said Western leaders, while 77% said Netanyahu was more correct.

Asked about the chances that the talks between Israel and the Palestinians will eventually lead to a significant agreement, 14% said the chances were high, while 81% said they were low.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}



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