Poll: Bill Clinton Most Forgivable ‘Liar’


bill-clintonFormer President Bill Clinton is the “liar” the public is most able to forgive nearly two decades after his scandal, according to a new poll.

According to a CBS-Vanity Fair poll, 43 percent of people said they are most able to forgive Clinton among a list of other famous people who have lied to the public.

The survey asks “which liar are you most able to forgive,” listing Clinton along with cyclist Lance Armstrong, former President Richard Nixon and Bernie Madoff.

Madoff, who is serving 150 years in prison, ranked lowest, with 3 percent who said he is most forgivable. Twelve percent chose Nixon, while 22 percent chose Armstrong, who admitted to using performance-enhancement drugs during his career.

Another 11 percent picked none of the four public figures.

The poll surveyed 1,016 people and has a 3 percentage point margin of error.

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{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Mr. Clinton has been on a pathway of the patriots and has many likenesses to a future social democrat of human proportion. So like him or be a smudge, he is a smart guy who has all the capacity to make his own future bed and lie in it. And he does smile like he has met with the sheriff and the sheriff liked his cheese cake.


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