Poll: Americans’ Belief in God Declining


godA new Harris Poll finds that a strong majority (74 percent) of U.S. adults say they believe in God, but that’s down from the 82 percent who expressed such a belief in earlier years.

Belief in miracles, heaven and other religious teachings also declined in the latest poll, as follows:

–72 percent believe in miracles, down from 79 percent in 2005;

–68 percent believe in heaven, down from 75 percent;

–64 percent believe in the survival of the soul after death, down from 69 percent;

The same poll also found that belief in Darwin’s theory of evolution increased to 47 percent, up from 42 percent in 2005.

And it shows that 42% of Americans believe in ghosts (especially younger people), 36% each believe in creationism and UFOs, 29% believe in astrology, 26% believe in witches and 24% believe in reincarnation – that they were once another person.

See more at: CNS NEWS

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