Poll: Americans, 2-1, Fear Obama’s Reelection


obamaWhen it comes to how Americans view President Obama going into the new year, there appears to be very little spirit of Auld Lang Syne. Instead, according to the new Washington Whispers poll, many voters aren’t forgetting what they dislike about Obama and want him out office.

In our New Year’s poll, when asked what news event they fear most about 2012, Americans by a margin of two-to-one said Obama’s reelection. Only 16 percent said they fear theDemocrat won’t win a second term, while 33 percent said they fear four more years.

Next to Obama’s reelection, 31 percent of Americans said they feared higher taxes, which may be proof that the president’s focus on the payroll tax cut has hit paydirt.

The poll, however, held out some hope for Obama. Some 38 percent of younger Americans, 18-24, said their biggest fear was higher taxes. Just 28 percent of those same voters said they feared Obama winning in November.

But in results backed up by other polls, older Americans and those earning $75,000 or more are especially worried about the president getting a second term, according to the poll done by Synovate eNation.

Nearly half of Americans 65 and older said Obama’s reelection was their top fear, 39 percent of those making $75,000 or more agreed.

As we enter the presidential election year of 2012, what potential news event do you fear the most?

President Obama wins reelection 33%

Taxes will increase 31%

Iran will get a nuclear weapon 16%

Obama will lose reelection 16%

North Korea will attack South Korea 4%

{Washington Whispers/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Come on, who are the people doing this poll? Did they use any kind of representative sample, or only people on Rick Santorum’s Facebook page? Shame on Matzav. You should be more careful about sourcing your articles. Just because the Matzav editor fears the President’s re-election doesn’t mean that any article agreeing with him is automatically newsworthy. This sort of “news” should really be featured as an op-ed, where the writer’s own opinion is open to expression.

    Maybe next time you could quote Pew or some other source usually considered reliable? After all, you can find plenty of articles claiming that UFO’s have landed. Would you run them as fact?

  2. The biggest fear is that we are still in gulus and the beis hamikdush is not yet recunstructed, in 2012. And Yes! I also fear about Obama’s relection, and the most I fear is that since B”H the economy is starting to wake up a little, Obama will use it for his reelection, which in fact it’s not his credit at all. If anything it’s his credit that it took so long to wake up. In Reality, Obama is realy trying hard to do good. The big million dollar problem is, that he just doesn’t know how. How right were those who claimed in ’09 that Obama has no experience. They don’t need to prove it anymore. Should Hashem help us we should be redeemed from gulus ASAP.

  3. In being forthright,
    we can not afford another 4 more years under

    the current leadership in Washington DC.

    One could not properly relate the fallout from such a mishap.


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