Poll: 1 In 3 Israelis Suffers From Cyberbullying


cyber-One in three Israelis has faced cyberbullying either on Facebook or other social networking sites, revealed a survey conducted by the Israel Internet Association ahead of Safer Internet Day on Feb. 11.

The figures show that 81 percent of those questioned feel the Internet is unsafe for children and teens, and 61 percent of the survey’s participants-comprising parents of children under age 18-said they are exposed to online dangers themselves.

The parents said the primary risk posed by surfing the Web was pornographic material, followed by sexual harassment on social networking sites, ostracization, verbal abuse, and being exposed to violence. Sixty-five percent said they supervise and are involved to a great extent in the way their children use the Internet.


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Take your hat off if you want to be in a chat room or on the online communities. There is too much poverty and hate in this world. When you take away its accountability, it grows like a grass of toilet water. There is no place for poverty in this world but the internet is a different way of life. So I have myself enjoyed some of the online experiences in the past. I quit due to the animosity and crimes of the wicked online. And so the game continues.

  2. if you don’t want to be bullied stay off of facebook, this is the simplest of solutions, for I bet you are not that important.


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