Polish Soccer Fans Set Fire to ‘Jewish’ Effigies, Unfurl Anti-Semitic Banner Calling for Burning of Jews


By Lea Speyer

A group of Polish soccer hooligans put on a horrifying display of antisemitism last Friday, setting fire to “Jewish” effigies and parading a banner calling for the burning of Jews, Polish news website Gazeta Wyborcza reported.

According to the report, some 50 supporters of the Widzew Łódź soccer team had gathered outside a local train station to rally against rival team ŁKS Łódź.

The ruffians unfurled an antisemitic banner, which stated, “19.08, today the Jews were named. Let them burn, motherf***ers.” The message was intended as a direct insult to the ŁKS Łódź team, which was founded in 1908 and is often derided as Jewish by fans of other soccer clubs.

Photos from the demonstration show effigies appearing to be dressed as Orthodox Jews being strung from rope and set on fire.

A respesentatiove of the local anti-racism group Never Again said that the demonstrators were acting without fear, and with the sense that there would be no repercussions for their actions. Police are reportedly investigating the incident.

Jonny Daniels, head of the Holocaust research group From the Depths who works closely with the Polish government, called for authorities to take strong measures against the Widzew Łódź fans.

“This is a shameful example of xenophobia, racism and antisemitism in sports, where it truly has no place,” he told The Algemeiner. “We are calling on the Polish government to take strong measures to ensure that such repulsive acts are met with a strong hand and the full force of the law. Poland is a modern, open country and hooligans such as these belong in jail, not watching soccer matches.”

Antisemitic and racist behavior is not uncommon among Polish soccer clubs.

In 2013, ŁKS Łódź fans invited visitors to an indoor tournament to play a game in which they could throw objects at “Jews,” models dressed in Widzew Łódź uniforms. A sign next to the game informed players that for a meager price they would be given “three throws at the Jews.”

In 2014, in a match between Lech Poznan and Widzew Łódź, fans of Poznan chanted, “Move on, Jews! Your home is at Auschwitz! Off to the gas!” Following an investigation, a Polish prosecutor declined to take action against the Poznan fans, saying the antisemitic chants were not directed specifically at Jews, rather the opposing team.

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  1. Murderers in the hand of the piracy of hope. This strange hate of Jews in Europe is like reading the want ads to the prison cell.

    I wonder if the European Democracies will just realize that charity is their issue as well as self-hate. Perhaps the more than have any issue to resolve will realize that their debt for the 1940s is so great than any citizen in Europe should give 4% of his income a year just to resolve the negative association of Europe with the holocaust. I would think it would be very smart plan.

    Can anyone who has a high income live in a place where hate is so strong against a human society? I can not imagine.

    The people are so cheap that their gold is about as traditional as a toilet at the Gugenheim. It might just be the worst of the worlds worst.

    And we have yet another city to think that terror is a clear favor from the government.

    Scary and terrifying.

    note- gugenheim toilet is solid gold. That is the analogy.

  2. And to think that for years people supported these animals with parnassa cleaning your homes..
    They are not worthy of even toilet cleaning
    May Hashem continue avenging the blood of our grandparents, aunts uncles, cousins…our lost generation…
    Remember Yidden who you are…and don’t belittle yourself and become helpless prey to their needs.
    You are bigger than that!!

  3. And here is why those subhumans who sold our grandparents for a pittance, or even for nothing, want to silence any one who refers to the Oswiecim lager, currently a very profitable tourist attraction, as “Polish”.

  4. Note to the first comment Anonymous.

    The Guggenheim toilet exhibit has problems operating, with its plumbing that is to say. Perhaps they called a Polish plumber, like in the French commercials if you recall them?

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