“Polish President Was Friend of the Jews”


polish-president1In an interview with the Bechadrei Chareidim site, Rabbi Eliezer Gurary, head of Chabad of Krakow, spoke about the tragic death of the Polish President, who was killed in a crash with his wife and dozens of others ( reported here).

“Now Shabbos has ended, and we heard about the disaster. At first we heard in general terms, and later we realized the magnitude: the president was killed, along with the chief of staff and many of the senior government and military officials. We were in shock.

“Many of the people in the synagogue in Krakow, where I serve as rabbi, began to cry. Just like that. They cried and sobbed bitter tears, like small children.”

• To such an extent?

“Look, the President was very pro-Israel, very pro-Jews. He did for the Jews whatever it takes, whatever was required of him. He was a very good president for the Jews here.”

• When did you meet him last?

“Half a year ago. I met him in Lodz, at a Jewish community’s event. I spoke with him, and heard warm words about the Jews. He was a very big friend of Israel. He really helped the Jewish community. It’s a big loss.”

“In general,” says Gurary, “Kaczynski was a popular president in the country. They were two twin brothers. One brother was prime minister, who didn’t perish. Killed in the crash were party leaders, and the chief of staff. Just a few months ago we had another aviation disaster here, when a helicopter carrying soldiers and generals in the Polish army crashed. But of course it does not compare to this disaster. ”

• What are the implications of this disaster?

“We just finished Shabbos. There was a big tumult in Shul. Everyone is confused and bewildered. It is unclear whether the annual March of the Living, which should take place on Monday at Auschwitz and Birkenau, will take place as planned. It depends, among other things, the timing of the funeral, and other things.

“The head of the Jewish community called me recently and asked me to be careful not to make big parties with singing and music, so as not to seem like the Jews are celebrating when the President is dead.”

{Chabad.info/Noam Amdurski-matzav.com Newscenter}


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